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The First Class Finish® Lease-End Guide

As you approach the end of your Mercedes-Benz Financial Services lease, we hope you have enjoyed The First Class Lease® experience. To help guide you through our lease-end process, called The First Class Finish®, we’ve developed this guide. It will provide you with an overview of the three lease-end options below, along with guidelines for what is considered excess wear and use.

Lease Turn In

Returning Your Vehicle

If you choose to return your vehicle, the following steps will help you prepare for turning it in at your Mercedes-Benz dealership.

At three months prior to lease-end:

  1. Contact your Mercedes-Benz dealer to schedule a Vehicle Condition Review, which will prepare you for the final lease-end inspection.
  2. During your Vehicle Condition Review, discuss(if applicable) the cost of any excess wear and use, and review the option of repairing damage or replacing items before you return your vehicle
  3. Check out the new line of Mercedes-Benz vehicles and ask EuroMotorcars Bethesda about the attractive Mercedes-Benz Financial Services lease or finance offerings.
  4. Schedule your final vehicle return and inspection with your Mercedes-Benz dealer.

At turn-in:

  1. Bring the maintenance booklet, owner’s manual, both sets of keys, tool kit, and any other accessories provided at lease inception.
  2. Have your vehicle’s condition evaluated by your dealer. Afterwards, your dealer will generate a Vehicle Inspection Report describing the vehicle’s condition and any excess wear and use charges.
  3. Sign the Federal Odometer Disclosure Statement confirming the final total mileage on your vehicle.
  4. Review your maturity bill and, if applicable, pay any outstanding charges.
  5. Receive a Vehicle Return Package from your dealer. This will include your signed Federal Odometer Disclosure Statement, the Vehicle Inspection Report, and final maturity bill.

Inspecting Your Vehicle

Check it out before turning it in.

Excess Wear and Use Responsibilities:

Our unique Three-Point Inspection will help you understand what is considered excess wear and use. While the standards in your lease agreement provide you with a detailed definition of excess wear and use, the Vehicle Condition Guidelines on the following pages illustrate how we identify and determine whether or not damage is considered excessive.

Three-Point Inspection:

The Credit Card Test

Generally, if exterior and interior damage cannot be seen when a credit card is placed over it, you will not be charged.

Windshield, Lights, Wheels and Tires

A quick visual check of these areas will help you determine what is considered excess damage.

Missing Items

Check for original equipment items and verify that scheduled maintenance is up to date.

The Credit Card Test®

The Credit Card Test is an easy way to determine what will be considered excess wear and use when inspecting your vehicle’s exterior and interior.

Vehicle Condition Guidelines — The following items are considered excess wear and use:

  • Any scratch through the paint larger than the size of a credit card.(Scratches that do not go through the paint pass The Credit Card Test, regardless of size.)
  • Any dent that is larger than the size of a credit card.
  • Any damaged safety items, regardless of size (e.g., torn seat belts).
  • Collective damage that is caused by a single event, regardless of size (e.g., hail damage).
  • Any holes, cracks, gouges, tears, or cuts in the sheet metal or bumper, regardless of size.
  • Any tears to the interior larger than the size of a credit card.


Guideline not met

Dents, dings and bumps caused by a single event

Guideline not met

Scratch (through paint)

Guideline not met

Bumper scuff and damage

Guideline not met

Windshield, Lights, Wheels and Tires

Vehicle Condition Guidelines — The following items are considered excess damage when inspecting your vehicle’s windshield, lights, wheels and tires:

  • Wheels that are cracked or bent.
  • Wheels that were not originally equipped with the vehicle at the time of delivery. (Upgraded wheels installed by an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership are acceptable.)
  • Tires that are the incorrect size, have sidewall damage, or exposed cords. (Sidewall damage includes plugs and cuts.)
  • Glass and lights that have cracks, stars, holes, or plugs. (A “star” is a chip with one or more legs. A plug is considered unsafe for vehicles with supplemental restraint systems.) Glass repair is not acceptable.

Wheel scuff

Guideline met

Wheel damage

Guideline not met

Star in windshield

Guideline not met

Cracked windshield

Guideline not met

Missing Items

Vehicle Condition Guidelines — Prior to turn-in, be sure to remove all personal items from the vehicle, complete all scheduled maintenance, and ensure all originally equipped items (if applicable) are returned with your vehicle, including:

  • Maintenance book
  • Owner’s manual
  • Second set of keys
  • Removable CD disc changers
  • DVD system
  • Navigation system discs
  • Headrests
  • Tool kit
  • Spare tire

Mileage Provision

If your mileage is over the maximum number of miles allowed on your contract (plus any additional miles purchased midterm), an excess mileage charge will be assessed at vehicle return. (Refer to your lease agreement for the per-mile rate.)

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If you have any questions regarding the lease-end guidelines or the vehicle return process, please contact us at 888-250-2987.

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